Cassie And Her Cat

Cassie The RabbitEdit

This Is Cassie She Is A Lop Eared Rabbit

Cassie The Rabbit
Frist Apprince In Tails The Fox
Spieces white lop eared rabbit
Gender Female
Family Raina (Mom)Edward (Dad)

Paw(Her Cat)

Wolter (Baby Brother)

Derostoin Fur:White



Likes Her Friends,Candy,Having Fun,Tails,Billy Hatcher,Amigo,Aiai,her Consle'Dreamcast'
Dislikes Blood,Graffti,Scary Rides,Pierogeis,Garbge,Traffics
Favorite Color Silver And Pink Esppcaly Teal
Favoirte Food Candy Lolliepop And Carrots
Also Know As: Stupid Lop Eared Rabbit (By Blanca Flowers) Little Girl (By Beat) Sweet Haert (By Her Mom And Dad And Sometimes Mayor Numbat)


[1]Cassie Winking[2]Cassie And Her Cat Name Paw[3] Add a photo to this gallery ==Theme Song== We Belong To Me By Talyor Swift


'Best Day Ever' When She Is Having

'I HATE SCARY RIDES!!! (Vomets)' When She Get Vomet About The Roller Coast

'Uhhh.. Whats up' When She Vist Some Body

Vocie ActorEdit

Miley Cyars


5 Probally 17

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