Thumbs Up Roger

Roger Is A Skunk

Roger The Skunk
First Apprise Satan
Spicaes Transvestite
Gender Male or Female? No one knows.
Age 85
Attire Nothing
Agilment Gay

Shit: Colored brown

Piss: Colored yellow

Vocie Actor Fred Phelps
Likes Taking it up the ass with a cockroach
Dislikes God

[1]Roger Is Tail's 3'rdAdded by PdoveRoger Is A Skunk


[hide]*1 Friends And Alies

Friends And AliesEditEdit

Fred Phelps

Gay Luigi

I M Meen

Yakov Smirnoff

Emo Peter Parker

Adolf Hitler

Enimaes And FoesEditEdit



John McClane

Chuck Norris



"DID I DO THAT?" Roger, when he feels like stealing quotes from Steve Urkel


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