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This Show Is About A Made Up Show On Cartoon Netwrok But The Mitgh Have Awsome Sega Charathers

Tails The Fox
Original Run: USA April,8,2012

UK May,22,2012 AUS June,13,2012

BR July,27,2012

Seasons: 3
Episodes: 31
Channle Cartoon Network,Sega Channle,YTV,Teleatoon,Jetix,DisneyXD
Gerens Comdey,Fansty,Advanture,Based On Video Games,Slapstick,Drama
Rated TV Y7
Studio Sega,Fredntaor,Teletoon,Cartoon Network,Perro Verde Films,Modeo Midea Shows,Wolf Eye,Jetix,DisneyXD
Runnig Time 18 Mintues

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[hide]*1 Charthers

Charthers EditEdit

Tails The Fox

Billy Hatcher The Human

Chip/Litgh Gaia

Cream The Rabbit







Alex Kidd


Sonic The Hegehog

Amy Rose

Knukles The Ecdhinda

Cream The Rabbit

Roger The Skunk

Gorge The Goose

Follows The Fox

Henward The Hedgehog

Casie The Rabbit

Mike The Wombat

Caser The Wlesh Corgi

Abbrie The Chipmunk

Paddy The Fox

Lawns The Grasshoper

Bryand The armadillo

Marsalian The ewe

Von The chinchilla

Miley The dugong

Steve The Dingo

Bryand The armadillo

Marsalian The ewe

Von The chinchilla

Miley The dugong

Steve The Dingo

Carl The Mink

Lenny The Moongoose

Scoops The okapi

Savsyter The Otter

Eddy The Mouse

Savhna The CapyBera

Luke The Chicken

Jack The Badger

Howard The Mayfly

Larry The Blue Footed Boooby

Jackson The Pray Maintis

Upwood The Hawk

Toby The Binturong

Ross The Quail

B.D Joe

Ryo Hazki

Zobio And Zobkio

Jacky Braynnt

Chu Chus



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  • Television syndication
  • Cartoon Network
  • The WB/CW
  • This TV
  • DisneyXD
  • Nicktoon


  • Teletoon
  • YTV


  • TF1


  • TVI


  • Super RTL


  • ITV1
  • ITV2/CITV Channel
  • POP
  • Jetix




  • Seven Network

New ZealandEditEditEdit

  • TV3


  • TV Finland


  • Rede Globo
  • SBT


  • Kidsco TV
  • Cine5
  • Maxi TV


  • Italia 1
  • Boing
  • Italian Kids TV


  • Sega Channle


  • Egypti TV


Indonsiae 3 Tv


Did You Know Tails The Fox Is Made Up Show But They Mitgh Have Sega Charathers And They Mitght Have Made Up Cartoons Charathers They'er Are Roger The Skunk,Bluey Jay,Tiffany And Kiki And Escaplliy Ducan The Boder Collie


[2]Roger Sprite Sheet[3]Tails Is Main Charather[4]Tails Meets Sonic[5]Classic Sonic Says 'Whats Matter With You!!' To Morden Sonic[6]Amigo Takes Off The Sambreo[7]Scradey Tails[8]Abbreiy The Chipmunk[9]Alex Kidd Drink Too Much Sodas And He Got Little Bit Chubby[10]Amigo And Aiai And They Think That Car Looks Evil[11]Amy Rose Smashing Enimes[12]Bevan The Beaver In The Park[13]Bevan And His Cat Name 'Woodchuck' Reading A Book[14]Bevan The Beaver[15]Tails Went To A Wrong Restroom[16]Billy Hatcher Gets Exicted[17]Billy Hatcher And Bevan[18]Billy Hatcher Recuase A Poor Helpless Chicken From The Bulding[19]Billy Hatcher's Skunk Dream Comic :3[20]Nice Fariy,Roger,Tails,Billy Hatcher,Amiga And Meemee[21]Bluey The Blue Jay Apprise In Tails The Fox[22]Bluey The Blue Jay[23]Roger's Break Up[24]Tails And Billy Hatcher Learns Not To Fight[25]Savnaha Scared[26]Beat Sprays On The Wall[27]Billy Hatcher And Tails Just Mest Around With Shadow[28]Ceaser The Wlesh Corgi With Tails And Billy Hatcher In Sega Cafe[29]Tails With Gross Jars And Billy Hatcher[30]Tails And Billy Hatcher On The Girl Scout's Wagon[31]Happy Mothers Day ;)[32]Tails And Billy Hatcher Meets Lobster Dog[33]Tails Having A Non Sense[34]Tails And Billy Hatcher In The Sky[35]Billy Hatcher Butt Dailing Alex Kidd[36]Tail's Dad Trys To Grow A Breard[37]Cassie Disciested[38]Billy Hatcher Talking To Somebody[39]Big And Amy Rose[40]Gaint Billy Hatcher With Miles 'Tails' Prower[41]MraslainXWillams[42]Tails And Billy Hatcher Found There Food In The Forest[43]Sonic Alex And Nitghs In Coustme[44]Stamoch Boucing[45]Tails And Billy Hatcher With Old Ugly Hotel[46]Funny Bone[47]Tails And His Friends Looks At The Sign[48]Tails The Fox Seson 1 Anvablie At Target[49]Ceaser The Wlesh Cogri Sprite Sheet[50]Cassie The Rabbit Sprite Sheet[51]Marasilan The Ewe/Female Sheep Sprite Sheet[52]Lawns The Grasshopper Sprite Sheet